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How Much?
The balloon decor designs we create are as unique as each of our clients. Our specialty is to create custom decor for your specific special event vision. Many variables need to be defined before an accurate quote can be prepared. A great starting point would be to have as much information about your special event readily available.
Questions We Need To Ask
  • What's Your Occasion? Why are you having it?
  • Where?  Do you have a venue selected? (Geographic location of that venue)
  • When? Date and Time?  Can we get in early to decorate?
  • How Much?  How much do you expect to spend on decor?  Have you established a budget?

How Much?
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School homecoming packed balloon arch
Las Vegas Speedway event, packed balloon arch
String of Pearl Balloon Arches, #SinCityBalloons
Linking Balloon Arch, business event, #SinCityBalloons
Triple Packed Balloon Arch Tunnel #SinCityBalloons
Class Reunion Balloon Arch, #SinCityBalloons
Homecoming Balloon Arch, #SinCityBalloons
Double Linking Balloon Arch, tunnel effect. #SinCityBalloons
Trade Show 36" Balloon Custom String of Pearl Balloon Arch, #SinCityBalloons
School packed balloon arch
String of Pearl balloon arch tunnel
Columns with letter arch
Birthday Surprise for Carrot Top, the entertainer
Super Bowl Contenders, Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos
Girl Birthday
Ship Captain
Custom Cowboy Balloon Sculpture
Personalize every party with 34" foil letter balloons!
Happy Birthday Guy!
Qwazy Birthday Tree
Wild Sprays Tree
Agate Balloons
Birthday Present Arrangement
Specialty Themed Gift Arrangment with Column Base
16" Balloon Bouquet
Alien Custom Birthday Arrangement
Welcome Baby Girl Balloon Column and Sculpture
Graduation Balloon Character
Classic Balloon Bouquet, $49.95
Classic Milestone Birthday Bouquet, $49.95
Classic Balloon Bouquet, $49.95
Specialty Shape Wedding Bouquets, $44.95 each
Classic Birthday Bouquet, $49.95
Classic balloon bouquets, restaurant venue
Get Well Balloon Bouquet, $39.95
Valentine's Day Balloon Arrangement, 36" foil heart, $59.95
Sweet Valentine specialty balloon bouquet, $54.95
16" Table Balloon Bouquets, Popcorn theme with twisty balloons
Classic Balloon Gifts, $64.95 - $99.95
Custom Balloon Gifts, $119.95 - $169.95
String of Pearl Arches 

20' wide, $175.00
30' wide, $225.00

Linking Arches​ 

15' wide, $225.
20' wide, $270.

Packed Balloon Arches
15' wide, $475.
20' wide, $575.
25' wide, $675.

Prices do not include sales tax.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Prices subject to change on holidays.
Delivery and shipping charges vary due to distance, travel time and weight when applicable.
Cancellations within 24 hours of delivery are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
Book in advance to receive the best pricing.

  • Entrance Decor
  • Head tables
  • Buffet & Cake tables 
  • Criss-Cross Dance Floor order 2
  • Stage Backdrop 
  • Wedding Archway
  • Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah
  •   Homecoming
  • Walks & Runs - Start or Finish Lines 
  •   Entrance Decor
  •   Grand Opening Decor
  •   Charitable Events
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