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Pool Party
Packed spiral columns for charity event
Qwazy Columns, Congrats toppers ~ Faith Lutheran School Deans list
Corporate Event, Annual Leadership Meeting
Wild & Crazy Balloon Column
Ghosts!  Halloween, Homecoming Balloon Decor for Bishop Gorman High School, Las Vegas.  Stacked design
Charity Event, Garden Theme Topiary Tree Balloon Decor, outdoors
Balloon Column with Wild Spray at top, spiral design
Custom Balloon Column
Table Arrangements & Bouquets
Balloon Tunnel, Mandalay Bay, SCB#614
Double Linking Balloon Arch, corporate trade show entrance decor
Custom Imprinted 36" Balloon Arch, Tradeshow, convention at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Linking Balloon Arch and String of Pearl Balloon Arch Combo, wedding balloon arch
Quicklinks, Linking Wedding Balloon Arch, Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar, LOL
String of Pearl Balloon Arch, New Hope Christian Church
Spiral Packed Balloon Arch for charity event
BGHS Homecoming Assembly 2012, balloon arch, V design
Bishop Gorman High School, Homecoming Assembly 2013 Specialty Balloon Arch, spiral + QL + 260Q
Bishop Gorman High School, Homecoming Assembly 2011, Packed 4 quad Spiral Balloon Arch
Bishop Gorman High School, All Schools Conference 2012, Balloon Decor, 16" with 260Q + 5" details added
BGHS Homecoming Dance, 2012, Square Balloon Arch design
Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett Concert, Custom Tropical theme Balloon Arch, special event, outdoor decor
Bar Mitzvah, Walk Thru Balloon String of Pearl Arch Tunnel with packed balloon column bases
Trade Show, Las Vegas World Furniture Market show 2013, spiral pack balloon arch
Re/Max Long Drive Championship, Las Vegas Speedway, Outdoor Balloon Arch
BGHS Homecoming Dance 2011, Halloween Balloon Arch
Spiral Balloon Arch design for Prime America
String of Pearl Balloon Arch
3 Balloon Bouquet table arrangement
Baby Shower Pacifier with 3 balloon bouquet
Wedding Reception, Double Stuffed Balloon Bouquet
50th Wedding Anniversary, Art Deco Topiary
Bridal Shower Table Balloon Centerpiece
Vegas Baby Table Balloon Arrangements,
Basketball Player Table Balloon Centerpiece
Classic 3 Balloon Bouquet
Mr. & Mrs. Stacked Balloon Bouquets
Ceiling Decor
Loose free floating 11" helium filled balloons
Riviera 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration, Balloon Decor
Custom Balloon Arrangement, Ceiling Decor
Custom Balloon Decor
Custom 36" Balloon Decor
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