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What better way to decorate a room than simply by filling it with balloons, floating or not? 
A dream come true!
"While I love garland, balloons are happiness. I'd almost prefer balloons to flowers for birthday wishes. They just make me smile. It's not very practical of me - but once a year, I'd like to throw a party with a room full of balloons. This one would do:)"
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Patriotic Balloon Decor event, Veteran's Day
Patriotic balloon ceiling decor
"Out of this World" Balloon Sculpture, #1 Best in the Universe SHRM Conference, Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay
Bravo! Cucina Italiano Grand Opening, Balloon Release
Showgirls Custom Balloon Sculpture & string of balloon arch
Las Vegas Showgirl Custom Balloon Sculpture
Grad Guys! Balloon Decor
Double SOP Balloon Arch, Wyndham Grand Desert welcomes it's guests
Dance Floor Canopy custom balloon decor, with Letter Name
Art Deco Vegas Baby Balloon Centerpiece, table arrangments
Mickey Big Fun!  7 16" latex with Mickey Mouse Custom Balloon sculpture
AFG Love Convention, Balloon Bouquet
Room Full of Balloons, Wynn Resort, Tower Villas, Las Vegas, NV.  Balloon Decor
Double Stuffed Table Balloon Bouquet, Baby Shower
Wedding Reception, Head Table, Balloon Bouquets with Bride & Groom Teddy Bears
Wedding Reception Dinner, Balloon Decor
Balloon Tree, Quince Años event
90th Birthday Party, Linking Balloon Columns
Fiery Dance Floor Balloon Canopy
Wedding Heart Custom Balloon Sculpture, white & silver
Bride & Groom Heart Custom Balloon Sculpture
High Society Event, Balloon Decorations for The Palms, Nové Italiano,  Las Vegas NV
Bar Mitzvah Balloon arch
Happy Guy Balloon Gift Arrangement
Heart Sculpture, LOL Balloons, Valentine's Day
Retail Store Balloon Decor for Valentine's Day
Thank You Balloon Gift Arrangement
Balloon Baby Table Arrangement for Baby Shower, Balloons
Happily Ever After Wedding Balloon Column
Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet for Isabel
Even Dogs Have Birthdays!  Specialty Balloon Gift Bouquet,
Big Birthday Fun, 16" balloons with 260 twists.  Custom Balloon Bouquet
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