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West Coast Balloon Arts comes to Las Vegas! Aug. 6-9, 2015

by Suzanne McGoldrick on 08/26/15

Since my personal commitment has always been to grow and improve myself, of course that commitment would extend to my business, Sin City Balloons, as well.
When I heard that the West Coast Balloon Arts Convention (WCBA) was coming to town, and was being held in my own back yard at the M Resort, how could I pass up the opportunity to once again, participate and learn some new advanced skills?  Of course,  my motivation was to add to my repertoire of service offerings that can benefit my customers as well as myself. 
I focused most of my classes on foam cutting, personalizing balloons, and making balloon decor that stands out, above the rest.
Do you know how much fun balloons can be?  I had a blast playing with balloons this month!
Thank you to all the talented teachers at WCBA, this year!

Float, The Convention, Jan. 31-Feb. 5, 2015

by Suzanne McGoldrick on 08/26/15

 Earlier this year, I gave myself the opportunity to participate as a full delegate at Float, The Convention 2015, in St. Louis, MO for five days.  What a fabulous experience I had learning new techniques, meeting old friends, making new friends, and surrounding myself with the wondrous art of balloons and extremely gifted balloon artists.  I got to stay with my old friend, Mona, who had recently moved from Las Vegas to St. Louis and she graciously taxied me to and from the convention.  Mona and I worked together at Pulte Homes as Customer Relations Managers and both of us had eventually gotten laid off during the Great Recession and Housing Crash.  Scrambling to find our way back to a place of security and safety, we went separate ways but maintained our friendship through it all. 
I remember back in 1998, while I was still working as a table games dealer at Caesars Palace, here in Las Vegas I was introduced to the business of balloons by a neighbor.  I recall how stunned I was to discover that balloons could be a profitable business and that they were so much more than "just a balloon on a ribbon".  Today, after many years of practice and educational opportunities that God provided for and guided me to, I can create interesting and fascinating balloon decorations, balloon gifts and arrangements, and twist balloons into fun animals and hats!  Everyone gives me so much accolades for what I do, but the truth is, if it hadn't been for that neighbor and all the many gracious, generous, fun loving balloon pros out there who taught me, I wouldn't be where I am today. 
I'm so lucky to have discovered balloons!  

World Balloon Convention, Denver, CO March 2014

by Suzanne McGoldrick on 01/20/15

As I'm preparing to go to the FLOAT Convention in St. Louis, MO on Jan. 31-Feb. 5, 2015, I realized that I never let you all in on the fact that I participated in World Balloon Convention 2014 this last March in the mile high city of Denver, CO.
I guess I was so excited to go and so much was happening at the time that I just plain forgot. 
Be sure and check out my Facebook page for photo updates. 

Decorating with Balloons Outdoors

by Suzanne McGoldrick on 06/25/14

Decorating with balloons outdoors can be very challenging since we cannot control the weather.  Wind, rain, excessive cold, excessive heat all do damage to balloons.  Balloons in windy conditions act as a sail and will fly away, never to be seen again if not weighted and secured properly.  Even then, it's not a guarantee. 
Water on balloons as in rain is not good either since when rain stops, as the balloons dry they tend to stick together and when the air warms up with humidity, balloons will stick to one another and as they expand again with the warmth they will POP.  Helium filled balloons expand in the heat and foil balloons will expand beyond their capability and explode, popping and ruining your decor.  Of course, a skilled balloon decorator will do everything they can to make sure your outdoor balloon decor is as stable as possible with weight, will use the very best balloons, will encourage their clients to use lighter colors (since darker colors attract heat) but bottom line is, outdoor decor cannot be guaranteed.  We can pray for good weather and enjoy it when it comes!  I hope you don't let this deter you from using balloons for outdoor conditions.  There are so many applications with balloon decor that are just wonderful.  Better to know ahead of time what the pros and cons are and when all goes well, well then WHAT A PARTY!

Happy Earth Day!

by Suzanne McGoldrick on 04/23/14

Latex balloons biodegrade at the same rate as an oak leaf! Latex balloons are natural , and latex harvesting does not harm the rubber tree that it comes from! No matter what color balloons are, they are always GREEN!

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