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OH God, it's HOT HOT HOT!

by Suzanne McGoldrick on 07/17/16

It's summertime here in Las Vegas and our temperatures have been triple digits for weeks now. 
All balloon artists know that balloon decorating in the outdoors can be very challenging even under the best of conditions, but with our Las Vegas valley temps, extra precautions need to be taken.  For instance, when decorating with balloon columns or balloon arches to be used outdoors, it's best to use larger balloons and size down considerably.
Also, dark colors attract the heat and light colors detract from the heat so just like you don't want to wear black clothing outdoors in the heat, you don't want to use dark colored balloons in the heat. 
Another hazard of the heat are helium filled foil balloons. 
Foil balloons filled with helium do not work in the heat, period!  Helium expands with the heat and can cause your foil balloons to just burst.  Nothing is so discouraging as hearing that POP! sound after you've gotten in the car after just purchasing a bunch of foil balloons for your event. 
Sin City Balloon's professionals take all the precautions necessary to make your outdoor event as successful as possible.
One of the nice things about hiring a balloon professional is that we do all the work and you get to relax and enjoy the party! 

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