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Crude Helium Supply Declining

by Suzanne McGoldrick on 10/21/18

As crude helium continues to decline, our suppliers must manage their helium business under the constraint of a diminishing supply.  We've been advised by our supplier that they face restrictions on supply as the U.S Bureau of Land Management (USBLM) has changed its practices for allocating helium. These actions are placing increased pressures on helium pricing and its complex supply chain which includes Texas, Qatar in the Middle east, Canada, Algeria, Russia and Poland. The industrial gas industry has announced increases in prices as of October 1, 2018 which is resulting in a 30% increase in cost. As a result, Sin City Balloons will apply a 10% helium surcharge for any helium decor. If the suppliers see an increase in supply and reduction of cost, the surcharge will decrease.
We thank you in advance for understanding that this is a necessary part of the balloon business, as helium is required to create beautiful decor for YOUR parties and events! These are the unexpected consequences of working with a non-renewable resource.  We appreciate your continued support and your business during this time and hope to see a change in the years ahead. 

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